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Sursun Bike Holidays was born out of a dream we had been cherishing for years, driven by our passion and love for the sport of mountain biking. Motivated by the breathtaking and exciting trails of southern Spain, we realised that professional cyclists always chose this place to train, and that made us think that we had to offer something really special.


For us, Sursun Bike Holidays is not just a company, it is an expression of our commitment to mountain biking. Every year, we strive to create an environment where riders can feel the true essence of the sport: freedom, excitement and friendship.

We deeply understand the needs and desires of those who share our passion. At Sursun, we strive to provide not only high quality services, but also a friendly and familiar atmosphere, where every day is an unforgettable experience, having fun on good trails, enjoying our gastronomy and the good weather without worrying about anything.


Over the years, we have expanded our range of services with the aim of not only satisfying, but also inspiring those who love the sport as much as we do. From courses designed to unlock each rider’s potential to personalised training that challenges limits, every Sursun experience is a tribute to our shared passion for mountain biking.

Luis Zarco
Luis Zarco Sports Director
Luis, a professional downhill athlete, has been pursuing his passion since he was 10 years old. With years of experience and numerous World Cup participations, he has forged an impressive path in the world of mountain biking.His sporting achievements, skills and love for bikes inspired him to co-found Sursun Bike with his life partner, Selina Barbero.In his role as sports director, Luis shares his knowledge and experience, guiding others to become future competitors. He enjoys interacting with the public, conducting outdoor activities and sharing his passion for bikes, making his profession a dream come true.An exceptional athlete with an impressive sports highlights: national downhill champion, third place in the national championship of the discipline, six times downhill champion in Andalusia and three times BMX racing champion in the same region.
Selina Wise
Selina Wise Community Manager
Team technician and professional chiromassage therapist, she is in charge of directing the creative process of Marketing and Communication of Sursun Bike.Her passion for her work and for MTB means that she is present at every race of the season, both to accompany the team and to carry out her role of advising, sports massage, taking and editing images and videos in situ for the team's social networks.The importance of his figure makes the team complete, as all of them, each with their own function, are key to carry out the role they play and the future of the company.
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